Dopo la triste notizia della scomparsa di Vader qualche giorno fa, la WWE ha deciso di caricare sul WWE Network nuovi contenuti che riguardano appunto la leggenda WCW e WWE.

La collezione è intitolata “The Man They Call Vader”, e questi di seguito sono i contenuti ufficiali inseriti in essa:

  • A Mastodon Among Giants (December 9th, 2014): True Giants – In this excerpt from WWE Home Video, Vader sits down to discuss his career as a true giant of wrestling.
  • The Man They Call Vader: Most Imposing Big Men (September 8th, 2014): Countdown: Most Imposing Big Men – WWE Superstars and Legends share stories and reflect on Vader’s storied career.
  • Table For 3: WCW Legends (October 14th, 2015): WCW Legends Sting, DDP and Vader reunite to discuss fun road stories, the Monday Night War, and tales of their battles against one another!
  • Wrangling A Lariat (April 8th, 1986): AWA – Before his days competing as ‘Vader’, Leon White would take to the ring to go one-on-one with Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen.
  • Battling A Bruiser (May 18th, 1986): In this often forgotten battle from AWA, a young Leon White takes on the legendary Bruiser Brody.
  • Too Big to Hold (February 24th, 1991): WCW WrestleWar 1991 – The rivalry between Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen and Big Van Vader erupts with violence in this memorable bout.
  • The Golden Stinger (July 12th, 1992): WCW Great American Bash 1992 – Big Van Vader looks to put gold around his waist by challenging Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
  • King of Cable (December 28th, 1992): WCW Starrcade 1992 – In a match to determine the ‘King of Cable’, Big Van Vader shows his monstrous abilities by going one-on-one with Sting.
  • Vader Strikes Back (December 30th, 1992): Ron Simmons’ reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion may be short-lived when Big Van Vader challenges him in effort to reclaim the title.
  • White Castle of Fear (January 30th, 1993): In this memorable vignette, Sting journeys to the Rocky Mountains to accept Big Van Vader’s invitation to join him the White Castle of Fear.
  • Lights Out! (February 21st, 1993): WCW SuperBrawl III – Big Van Vader’s rivalry with Sting explodes in this special White Castle of Fear Strap Match.