Come già saprete, pochi giorni fa Hideo Itami è tornato in NOAH per sfidare Naomichi Marufuji in occasione dell’evento che segnava il ventesimo anniversario della promotion di Tokyo. Marufuji ha voluto quindi ringraziare Triple H e si è dichiarato disposto a ricambiare il favore.


Marufuji expresses his gratitude to Triple H. Says he's willing to repay WWE! Tokyo-sports has pubilshed an interview with Pro-Wrestling NOAH's @marufuji_naomichi_ in which the "Genius of the Ark" humbly talks about @wwe & @tripleh making the match with @hideoitamig2s at his 20th Anniversary possible. Marufuji said: “The memorial game is over. But I will never forget my obligation. Not just for Itami who has went on to participate in numerous challenges. It is to Triple H, the Chief Executive Officer of WWE who allowed us to participate as a special case in an exceptional case. I really only appreciate it. At first, I didn't know what to do, but it ended in its best possible way. They (Triple H) gave permission for a mere Japanese wrestler's 20th anniversary and I absolutely want to repay it. That weight was worth it and the value was in this match" Although Marufuji has abundant experiences of overseas expeditions, he's never had any connection with WWE. “So I'm pretty busy, but if I get a call (as for a one match) in the sense of returning the favour, this time I definitely will go. There is no way to repay them, saying "I do not need you" (laughs), there's a determination to express my gratitude to Triple H not only as a wrestler but as a man" In the past few years, Kota Ibushi, Jushin Liger and more recently Meiko Satomura and Hiroyo Matsumoto all performed under a single contract for WWE, so it's not an impossible story at all. All it takes is for Triple H wanting Marufuji to come on over from Japan. "The power of wrestling is truly amazing,” Marufuji said. “A 'genius' that has just summarized his event may not retire yet, it may further extend his power in the landscape.” #飛翔 #prowrestlingNOAH #NaomichiMarufuji #20thAnniversary #geniusofarc #Flight #SumoHall #KENTA #KentaKobayashi #blacksun #HideoItami #WWE #205Live #SummerNavigation2018 #NOAHtheLive #NOAH_GHC #NOAH #GHC #NJPW #newjapanprowrestling #IWGP #puroresu #Japan 🗾 #prowrestling #プロレス #プロレスリングノア #丸藤正道 #小林健太 #伊丹英雄 #ヒデオイタミ

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”L’anniversario è finito ma non dimenticherò mai il mio debito. Non solo verso Itami con cui ho condiviso tante volte il ring, ma anche verso Triple H, il CEO della WWE che ci ha permesso di poter avere Itami per quest’occasione speciale. Ho apprezzato molto la sua disponibilità. Inizialmente non credevo che potesse realizzarsi questa cosa, ma Triple H ha dato il suo permesso e voglio assolutamente ripagare questa gentilezza.”