Ladies and gentleman Zonawrestling has the pleasure, in the person of Walter Farinella, to interview the beautiful Giorgia Piscina, the semi-finalist of WWE Tough Enough. Giorgia, who was very kind, spoke with us about a lot of topic: Her plans for the future, hoping in an NXT contract, her thoughts on coaches, judges and the other competitors, her Summerslam predictions and so much more. 

W: Ladies and Gentleman here we are with the beautiful Giorgia Piscina, one of the competitors of this season of WWE Tough Enough. Hello Giorgia, can you introduce yourself to the readers and tell us also something about your Italian origins?

G: Hi Everyone! Lovely to be speaking with you from Italy! I have received so much love and support from my Italian fans whilst being on Tough Enough!! Although I was born in England, my dad and his family are from Italy! My dad grew up in the Province of Parma in a place called Borgo Val Di Taro! My grandfather was the youngest out of 10 children and came to England after the war. I haven't had the chance to visit Italy myself, but I would love to in the near future!

W: Then you moved to Australia. How old were you?

G: I was born and lived in England until age 8! My family then moved to Brisbane Australia to start a new life!

W: I see. Anyway yes, the Italian community supported you from the 1st day. I know that a lot of Italian fans sent you supporting messages on social media, like Twitter. Anyway when did you start to be a Pro Wrestling fan? Do you have a favorite Wrestler?

G: I watched WWE growing up as a kid back when it was WWF…my favourite wrestler was Rey Mysterio! I lost touch with wrestling for a while…but then the last couple of years rekindled my love for it! I started watching Total Divas! I was obsessed with the show! I wanted to see what the Divas were like in the ring…so I started watching again Raw and the others weekly shows. My favorite Diva of all time is definitely Lita. She is so badass! Currently, I'm a big Bella's fan! But I love Paige and Naomi too!

W: Certainly Total Divas became a global phenomenon. The program won also some awards in those years. Do you like the on-the road life of the Divas? Would you be ready to travel 200 days in a year around the world?

G: It's not something I've done before…but I'm definitely ready for it! There are pros and cons of every career choice, but I think having the chance to travel the world with work is a pro!

W: I agree. Let's start to talk about Tough Enough. How was your 1st approach with the Performance Center? And what about the Pro Wrestling training? It's really so hard?

G: It was extremely daunting going to the Performance Centre the first time! It's not every day you get the chance to be in such a place! The facilities are incredible! The in-ring training was tough! It was the first time I had done any wrestling…so I had to try and pick things up quickly, which I did! There were a lot of drills and cardio training involved! We had to prove ourselves in the first 2 days at mini-camp before we even got picked for the final cast! The training was brutal! They had to get rid of the weak ones!

W: All the competitors described me the two days mini-camp as "brutal". And talking about living in the Barracks: How was to be often filmed by WWE cameras, even in moments like breakfast or while you were sleeping?

G:  The cameras were on in the barracks 24/7! You had no privacy! There were always people around! We had cameras film us at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They wanted to hear our thoughts on everything, what we were feeling, thinking etc.I shared a room with Amanda and Daria at the start, and then, when Daria was eliminated, ZZ moved into our room! You had to go to the toilet to get changed! There was no showers in the barracks, we had to go else where to shower! There was also no stove! We were supplied with a BBQ and had to grill our food outside on that! It was a huge change for me, but I like a challenge!

W: No shower, ZZ in your room? Not easy at all! Talking about challenges: You proved to be the best female competitor at one point, winning challenge after challenge: In-ring, promo, entrance and so much more. How did you feel to be equally eliminated? This program is just a popularity contest?

G: I do believe I was the strongest female competitor! I won more challenges than any girl or guy on Tough Enough! I believe I showed I had the full package….but unfortunately I didn't have the votes! I wasn't shocked to be in the bottom 3, there was 6 of us and 3 of us had to go in the bottom 3…so that's a 50/50 chance of being in there! But I was disappointed I was eliminated, because what was the point of it all? What was the point of having the challenges if winning them didn't mean anything? Sara didn't win one and she is in the final! Amanda won one and she is in the final! I won 6…and I didn't make it…it seems crazy to me! I feel like it has changed into a popularity contest.

W: Obviously I have to agree with you. Before you talked about find the weak ones in the mini-camp: Did they do a good job? I mean, ZZ had and has now a lot of cardio problems and he is lazy at the gym. And Sara Lee had also some problem in the ring. They have the fan base, but, according to you, did they deserve to pass the two days mini-camp at beginning? Do you agree with Tanner's speech about ZZ laziness? And, changing topic, how was to have your 1st match against him? How did you feel to wrestle a match for the 1st time?

G: Well there were all different factors to getting through to the final cast. We had a series of interviews in front of the coaches and Triple H as well as the in ring training. So it was a combination of things that got us through to the final cast. I agree with Tanner when he spoke about ZZ's laziness. I think a lot of what he does is for show. I think he "played the game" well. The other boys wanted to go the gym and eat healthy, but ZZ couldn't be bothered. He only came because we forced him too…and he felt obligated otherwise he would be in trouble from the coaches! I don't think the lifestyle of a WWE Superstar is for ZZ. He doesn't love training like the rest of us!
I loved that I was paired with Tanner! He is very athletic and comfortable in the ring! I thought we told a good story! It was such a rush performing for the first time….especially in front of the NXT crew! I was so nervous to perform in front of them! I really wanted to show that I have potential in this industry. I just can't wait to have another match!

W: In general how was your relationship with the other guys and girls? And a curiosity: Was the Chelsea and Tanner’s flirt real? And about this, did were born other flirts, maybe hidden from the cameras?

G: I got along with everyone! Everyone was unique, everyone had a different personality, some were outgoing and some more reserved. It took me a week or two to finally come out of my shell because at times some of the characters were a bit over-powering in conversation! Chelsea and Tanner hit it off when they first met! They got along really well. I'm not sure how much they liked each other…I think it was more of a little fling than anything serious. Most of the guys and girls were in relationships or married, so there wasn't really any of that.

W:Let’s talk about the coaches and the judges: how was your relationship with Booker T, Billy Gunn and Lita? And your opinion about the judges? According to you when The Miz arrived, did he mess up the game?

G: I was so excited to be coached by WWE Legends!! Lita has always been my idol! I got along with all of them really well! I couldn't pick a favorite because I love them all for different reasons! Billy is such a cool guy…so genuine and always has a cheeky smile on his face! He so easily lights up a room and makes everyone smile! Booker T is just such an awesome character! I've never met anyone like him! He is so creative and has so much charisma! I really found all his feedback in the ring helpful. Lita is just a complete sweetheart! She took time out of her busy schedule to spend time with us multiple times…you could tell she really cares! She even came to Universal Studios with us one weekend! She didn't have to…but she wanted to! It was great to have her as a coach! I would have loved the coaches to be the judges…as they spent the most time with us! They knew what we were capable of and what are skills were like. In my opinion it was hard for the judges to judge us based on the small amount shown on each episode! There was way more to us than that! I love Paige for saving me when she did! I love how straight forward she was with her comments and feedback! Daniel Bryan is a sweetheart: I know he was the one to put me in the bottom 3 both times, but I don't hate him for that…he had to pick someone! I loved the Miz from the start! He is extremely talented! I loved him on Tough Talk and as a judge, but if he hadn't saved Amanda when he did…I think things would have turned out a lot differently! I think saving someone because they are "Hot" is not a good enough reason!

W: Now you are back in Australia. What are your plans now? Are you going to come back in USA soon? Did someone in WWE give you any advices? Is it possible for you to do an NXT tryout soon? Because, as you said, you really have the full package, so you really can be a WWE Diva in my opinion.

G: I got back into weight training as soon as I returned! I also contacted a small wrestling school in Brisbane city.I am going tonight for my first session! I am so excited to get back in the ring! I just want to start off where I left off! Booker T was lovely enough to invite me to his training school in Texas! But for me, Visa is an issue. I will have to look into what I can do there. I will have to wait and see…fingers crossed I am offered a contract with NXT…that would be the dream! I don't believe this is the last of GiGi: I think it is just the beginning!

W: I think that you are probably the one who really deserves the most to achieve an NXT development contract. You proved to have the skills. We are finishing, do you want to give us your Summerslam predictions? The event will be aired from the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn NY, this Sunday.

G: I am so excited for Summerslam! About the most important matches, those are my picks: I want Lesnar to win! For the Title vs Title Match, my bets are on John Cena. I believe that Team Paige and Kevin Owens will win their matches. Finally I want Roman and Dean to win! I love Roman! But I think Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper will probably win.

W: Yes, those are the most important matches of the card. If you want, say something to the Italian fans and in general to the WWE Universe around the world.

G: Thank you so much to everyone who supported and voted for me during my time on the show! Thank you for all the lovely messages you continue to send through on social media! Although it is hard to reply to all of them, just know that I see and appreciate them all! It means the world to me to have your support! Please make sure you follow my Snapchat and Periscope to keep updated with my life back in Aus! Snapchat: Giorgia_Piscina; Instagram: Giorgia_Piscina; Facebook:; Twitter: @ToughGiorgia & @GiorgiaPiscina; Periscope: Giorgia Piscina;

W: Thank you Giorgia for your kindness. I wish you the best for your future, hoping to see you in WWE again soon.