Her journey in wrestling begins in 2010 training under the direction of Lance Storm. The chance to perform on the big stage comes in Mexico conquering the Lucha Libre’s world continuing as “Wera Loca” in the new frontier of wrestling, Lucha Underground. ZonaWrestling is proud to announce as his guest TAYA VALKYRIE for an interview by Girolamo De Nicolo.

Before landing in pro-wrestling, you’ve been involved in fitness competitions winning some awards. What or who pushed you to choose a career as a wrestler?
When I was growing up I was bullied a lot and remember seeing the Divas on tv and thinking how amazingly strong and beautiful they were. I had very low self esteem and wanted so bad to be just like them. So it means a lot to me now, that young girls and women consider me a positive role model.

In 2010 in Storm Wrestling Academy, you took your first steps in wrestling. What kind of trainer Lance Storm has been for you? How important he was for your growth as pro-wrestler?
He was such an amazing teacher and continues to be a positive mentor in my career. Lance is a very technical trainer with lots of patience and never ending knowledge about this buisness. We talk all the time and during my time in Mexico he would always check up on me. His support and advice has helped me get through some really though times over my years in wrestling and I couldn’t think of a better person to have in my corner.

In your career in Mexico, you met and worked with your mentor El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. What are your memories about him? Can you tell us a specific episode that helped you to grow up professionally?
Oh I have so many memories with him that i could write a book about it hahaha. He was the first person to believe in me in Mexico. If it wasn’t for him I would have never been given the opportunities that I got and I am forever grateful that he saw something in me. That he believed in me, and I hope that wherever he is, that he’s proud of how I have continued to grow as a person and wrestler.

In 2014, you became Reina de Reinas of the AAA (Lucha Libre World Wide) and soon you’ll reach the 1000 days as champion. How does it feel to set this achievement?
For years I was told by many people that I wasn’t good enough and I would never be the Reina de Reina champ because I was Canadian. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but its true. That only motivated me more and lit the fire inside of me that eventually got me that belt!!! Becoming the first ever non Mexican women to win the title in the 25 years of lucha libra AAA. I am also the longest reigning and now 2 time champ. Life is good.

Lucha Underground has set itself as one of the most interesting companies thanks to his unique style that unifies wrestling and serial drama TV series. Which are the aspects of the LU that got you most impressed? What makes it different from the other federations?
Lucha Underground is very different from any other promotion or television series for just that, its amazing way of combining tv drama and story telling with lucha libre. What has impressed me the most is how everyone works together. We have the most amazing people behind the scenes and the most talented locker room on the planet. Our writers and producers trust us and are always listening to our ideas and the result in nothing less than magic.

In the LU you had a lot of matches. Which is your favorite one? And why?
In season 2 my favorite match was definitely versus Brian Cage. That was literally my second day at Lucha Underground, nothing like a “welcome to the Temple” hahah. My favorite match of season 3 hasn’t aired yet, so you’ll all have to wait and see!!! 😉

What will the future hold for the Worldwide Underground and especially for Taya? Can you give us any anticipation on what we’ll see?
The Worldwide Underground is just getting started!! There is so much I can’t talk about since we have a strict “no spoilers” policy!!! But, I can say, that the rest of season 3 is FIRE!!! And you will not be disappointed in the WWU!! As far as Taya, I fell that my character has grown so so much over the last 6 months and I can not wait to get started on season 4 so you can all see first hand why they call me la “Were Loca”.

At the end of 2016 you had the opportunity to fight in Japan for the Stardom. What did you learn from this experience in the Land of the Rising Sun? In what way it fortified your knowledge?
Wrestling in Japan had always been a dream of mine, and at the end of 2016 I got to do it twice!! One with AAA and once with Stardom. Stardom has so many amazing stars and my match versus Io SHirai will go down as one of my favorites of my career. I learned so much in just 2 weeks, and look forward to heading back out that way. Japan is such a special place to me.

With which wrestlers you have never fought would you like to fight with? And between all the wrestlers you had fought with in your career, who is the one you have the most chemistry with?
I would love to wrestle Kairi Hojo or Yoko Bito of Stardom one on one!! As far as American talent, I would like to face Mia Yim. Out of the WWE roster, Natalya and Charlotte. Recently I wrestled Ayako Hamada in a NO DQ Street Fight for the Reina de Reina champion. That match was the craziest match I’ve ever had, and the chemistry I have with Ayako is magical. Look for that match on the AAA Youtube page!!
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In 2011 you have been for a short period of time in the development territory of the WWE. Why did it end? What didn’t work out?
What people don’t know is that I never actually made it to developmental. Yes I was given a contract, but before my moving date could come, I was told that they were no longer interested in me. Needless to say I was heart broken, but everything happens for a reason. I am now doing what I love and have no regrets. Yes, I took the road less travelled and yes it was extremely hard but it made me a better person and performer. When you want something bad enough, as much as I wanted to wrestle, 1000 obstacles can be put in front of you and you’ll still push forward no matter what!

There are more and more often 1vs1 matches between men and women, and in the LU you wrestled against Cage in NO DQ Match, for example. What kind of approach you must have when you have to face a man? And what are the main differences compared to an all female match?
Man or Women we are all just human! It’s exactly the same for me wrestling one or the other. Inter gender matches have been going in Mexican lucha libra for many many years, so the idea of facing a man never worried or scared me.

Having wrestled in the Usa, Mexico and Japan, what are the main differences of audience in the arena?
They are all very very different hahaha…..In Japan they clap very respectfully through the whole match. While in the USA and Canada you get chants and typical crowd reaction. My favorite though are the Mexican crowds. Lucha Libre is part of their culture and the passion that they have for this sport is unlike anywhere in the world.

Who is your favorite canadian wrestler of all time?
Of all time??? hahaha Canada has had so many greats, how can you pick just one.

You are one of the most social wrestlers, you’re active daily through post and Q&A. How would you define your relationship with your fan?
I think fan interaction is extremely important. We would be wrestling for nobody if they didn’t fill our arenas and support this sport.

What are your plans on your wrestling’s schedule? And what are your goals for the future?
For the remainder of the year I will be working all over the USA and Mexico. Hopefully going to Europe at some point. Then just preparing myself for shooting season 4 which will be in the fall.

John Hennigan has recently been in Italy for the EPW (European Pro Wrestling) in Rome in 2016, and will we ever see you here in Italy one day?
Ask EPW!!! I would love to. My family is from Switzerland and I would love to be able to perform in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain. I love Europe, so it would be an honor.

Thanks for answering to our questions, best of luck for your future and mark this day, 31th May, for the continuation of Season 3 of Lucha Underground.