Born in June ’94, at 19 she enters in pro-wrestling. From then on, she starts to perform for many circuits conquering titles including the ECWA Women’s Title, and winning in the same night the Super 8 Chickfight Tournament. Currently she is recognised as one of the best freeagent with experiences in ROH, TNA and WWE. ZonaWrestling is proud to announce as his guest DEONNA PURRAZZO for an interview by Girolamo De Nicolo.

Hi Mrs. Deonna Purrazzo and thank you for granting us this interview!

You started to train in D2W Pro Wrestling Academy. Can you tell us the feelings of your first training? At the end of the day, were you more aware to do this job or you had any rethink?
My first day of training was 12/27/12, I remember one of my trainers asked me to take a bump and I said “no.” I was the only girl in class and was definitely intimidated but I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

What are your memories of your first pro-wrestling match in 2013? Do you have any curiosity of that day?
I remember crying for 3 days prior to my first match, I was so nervous!! But for a first match, it actually wasn’t bad! I am lucky to be around amazing trainers that prepped me well for that day.

Between March and April 206 you performed for TNA, ROH and WWE. What’s it like to have this experience? What differences have you noticed in the management of women’s division?
Each company and their women’s division is different, yet wonderful. Working with Ring Of Honor and Women of Honor, we are in the progress of creating something so every moment is special right now. Working with talent at NXT/WWE, they had world class trainers and facilities that there is so much teaching and learning to be had. Lastly, working with TNA is always a pleasure. The Knockouts that are veterans on Impact have been able to see my growth over the last few years and every time I am able to go work with them, it’s a reminder of how incredibly lucky I am.

Recently you declared of being happy to work as freeagent to travel the world and to compete in many circuits. But would you like to work officially for only one fed?
Eventually, yes. I would love to be contracted to any one company but right now, I enjoy being able to do it all!

At NXT you had also a role as “Rosebud”, can you tell us any fun fact?
Yes! I had so much fun and so many first time experiences working as a Rosebud! The most fun moment for me was being apart of Kofi Kingston and his annual Royal Rumble spot, and the Anniversary of Smackdown, dancing in the ring with Stephanie McMahon.

On 17 October 2015 you became ECWA Women’s Champion winning the Super 8 Chickfight Tournament. Your title reign passed 360 days. How does it feel to reach this accomplishment? And how’s getting ready for the 3rd ECWA Women’s Super 8 Chickfight Tournament of 22 October?
I am really excited to have held the ECWA Women’s Championship for almost the entire year. I’ve had such incredible matche up until this point, so I am ready for any and all competitors. I am doing my homework and staying on top of what everyone is doing leading up to the event this year and I’m hoping to become the FIRST EVER back to back Super 8 winner!

In the Super 8 of 2015 you fought three matches in the same night. How did you prepare for that?
I wasn’t prepared prior to know I would compete three times but my training speaks for itself. Damian and Team Adams as a whole train for any circumstance and all situations so that had really helped my prep for these types of things.

You said that your biggest archievement is the One Hour Iron Match with Mike Mondo. What is this about? (if you can tell us when this match happened)
I wrestled Mike Mondo for 1 hr in June of 2014. It was the first Rip Rogers seminar I had attended and it was also the first time I met Mike.

You have the opportunity to pick three of your best matches in your career, what are you going to choose? And why?
I would have to pick my NXT match against Bayley as a personal favorite, the match verse Kimber Lee from WWR July of 2016, and lastly the Knockouts Knockdown 2016 match against Madison Rayne.

Your favorite gimmick match that would you want to dispute?
If I had to pick, I would say fatal four way matches are a favorite of mine because you can get really creative during them.

With which wrestlers you have never fought would you like to fight with ?
I would really like to work with Rachael Ellering!

Of all the wrestlers that you fought in TNA and at NXT, who got you most impressed?
I really enjoyed being able to work with Bayley the last time I competed on NXT. Being one of the horse women and the starters to this “women’s revolution,” it’s been a honor to work with her and get to know her personally.

Which one of the co-workers you stayed in contact with?
With social media today, it’s easy to be able to stay in contact with so many people you meet!

Along all the wrestlers you have fought with, which one would you suggest to put under contract to a promoter?
I will also vouch first for those under Team Adams training. Karen Qu and Tasha Steelz, who are also competing in the Women’s Super 8 tournament are two I would give their names to any promoter needing talent.

What are your plans on your wrestling’s schedule? What are your goals?
I am currently working towards a goal of 100 matches this year. At this time, I am getting ready to wrestling numbers 80, 81, and 82, this weekend!

Tell us of your sympathy for Italy. Have you ever visited our city? Would you like to wrestle in Italy?
I love the country and I am from. I proudly wear support that every time I step in the ring. Unfortunately I have never been to visit but one day, I hope to do so and have the chance to wrestle as well!

Thanks again for answering to our questions, finally there’s something do you want to tell to the Italian fans and to readers?
Thanks for having me and THANK YOU for supporting me- it Beene the absolute world to me! Follow me on social media sites @DeonnaPurrazzo!!!!


Girolamo De Nicolo
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